Mid-Atlantic Hunting Spaniel Club

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Dennis and the Bird Wagon

Officers of M-AHSC

President- Brian Schmidt
Vice President- Greg Butler
Secretary- Lisa Striebig
Treasurer- Forsyth Kineon

Membership in the M-AHSC will provide you with a vital link to the 'who's who' and the 'what's what' within the spaniel world. You will have access to what you need to develop a well trained spaniel gun dog that will contribute to more pleasurable and productive time afield. You can share training and hunting tips, and insights on where to find valuable information on spaniel training.

The club's newsletter will keep you informed of upcoming events. You will be kept abreast of goings on on the AKC, and will be updated on special interest topics that will affect you as a hunter and dog trainer.

As a club member you will also be able to participate in the our Yahoo Discussion Group. To join the group, simply click here. You can receive messages as e-mails or read them on the group site. To access the group, click the "Discuss" link at the top of this page.

Most importantly, by participation in the M-AHSC, you will take part in the camaraderie that exists between this diverse group of individuals that share one common bond- field work with flushing spaniels.

Whether you are a hunter that appreciates quality dog work, or your interests lie in Field Trials or Hunt Tests, consider your involvement with the Mid-Atlantic Hunting Spaniel Club and broaden your Spaniel Horizons.

For membership information contact Lisa Striebig.